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After the second vaccination, Tibor Divine became Corona virus

The weak knight was very frightened and told Blake that he feared hospitalization due to illness. His fear was legitimate, because Dévényi was a chronic patient and very old, and thus all infections, especially the Coronavirus, were especially dangerous for him. The radio tried to deal with the situation with humor, but was really afraid of complications and his condition could worsen.

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At my age, all diseases are scary. I stepped at the age of seventy-five and in such a state things from my life lay in wait for me. I was very weak and I must say I was afraid. I was afraid that my body weakened by tonsillitis would be exploited by the coronavirus – sighed Devene, who considers himself lucky that this finally didn’t happen.

“My doctor says I skipped the vaccine because I’m still alive.

Dévényi has been trying to take care of himself since the outbreak of the epidemic, he follows all the rules and shows from home.

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“I have to go down with my dog ​​several times a day, but I also try to walk and shop when there are as few people on the street as possible in the store. I keep a distance, take care of myself and feed myself as quickly as I can and I think it’s very important that he does The others are the same.Also swam into the more dangerous consequences because I got vaccinated – announced Tibor Devene, who replayed on Retro Radio while he was ill, but the three wishes will be back soon.

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I’m glad I have a voice again and I can work, entertain the crowd, because I’m really getting better.

Uncle Tippi’s Three Wishes

And for many years he was fulfilling the desires of others, but of course, Tibor Devini had three wishes, after his serious illness he also told Blikk what the famous knight wanted on the disc.

The first of course is health, not only for me, but also for my loved ones. The second is for my sons to energize themselves and finally have a grandchild. And the third is to hold festivals again, parties, especially EFOTT, because the organizers asked me for the closing day. It’d be nice to get back on stage – Devini sighed.