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After their breakup, Rebecca from the Carpathians released a surprising statement

Rebecca from the Carpathians With his partner, Ferenc Fruner, who broke up last November. The beauty queen does not hide the fact that in addition to her successful work, she also wants to get back on the right track in her own life.

Rebecca regularly answers the questions of her followers on Instagram, who do not hesitate to raise a more serious topic. The little girl always reacts honestlyNow, it was no different. One of his followers wondered if he could live a quieter life, and Rebecca gave a surprising answer.

I am now spinning at level 2000 so I can get it back later with my baby. I’m already long for this condition anyway

– written by.

So Rebecca would love to be a mother, Want to have a baby, But the arrival of the small has yet to come.

The young actress is now feeling good as a bachelor, and claims to have just passed one of the best birthdays of her life.

And that What kind of couple do you want Rebecca? He recently explained in an interview with Boerse:

I’m going to be pretty strict about this now, though, so far, I’ve only started a relationship if I felt like it could be a hoe, a hoe, a big bell, but now I’m only going to start a relationship with someone I feel I’m becoming more or better with. He who builds and does not destroy, and with whom I feel strong, I can shine and not take away my energy, but lift each other up. Until I find this person, I won’t stop with anyone!

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Photo: Instagram, Rebecca Carpati