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After two vaccines from Sinopharm, the third will be from Pfizer – they decided in Bahrain

After the first two vaccinations, half a year should pass with the third.

the two seas The vaccination rate of 1.6 million people is among the highest in the world, close to it against 50 percent, but is currently suffering from a severe wave of epidemics, to the point that it has ordered restrictions on a two-week closure.

In the archipelago, the majority, about 60 percent, have been vaccinated with Sinopharma.

In May, Bahrain, in partnership with the United Arab Emirates, said it would also offer a third Sinopharma vaccine to those who had already received two of it because it feared it would not produce enough antibodies in the body of those vaccinated. There was no question of mixing vaccines at the time.

In the Emirates, too, the population was mainly vaccinated with Sinopharm.

The issue is becoming increasingly important at home too

The efficacy of the Chinese vaccine is receiving increasing attention internationally as well as in Hungary, where several questions have been raised in this regard recently. Gergeli Golias, the prime minister, also spoke about the Chinese vaccine on Thursday.

Mortality data after Sinopharm was also not very good, as in Hungary a month ago. When connecting data. At the time, 78 deaths were associated with the Chinese vaccine, a surprisingly high number compared to the short period of use. The head of the ministry has now spoken of 206 people who died of coronavirus after being vaccinated with Sinopharm. This means that Sinopharm has performed poorly in recent weeks, with vaccine efficacy deteriorating significantly compared to Schedule I. In the case of those vaccinated with Sinopharm, in many cases – based on individual studies – there was no development of antibody protection in Hungarian vaccines after the two vaccinations. These days I started A Facebook group for those vaccinated with a Chinese vaccine. They want a free antibody test and revaccinators who have already received a second dose of the Chinese vaccine but have not acquired immunity to the virus based on the antibody test on them. Viktor Orbán and Cecília Müller have also been contacted, and their actions have been supported by virologists. This is because in many countries a third dose or revaccination with another vaccine is already given to some people who have been vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine.

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Cover photo: Chinese Sinopharm coronavirus vaccines are refrigerated at the vaccination point at St. George’s University Teaching Hospital in Viger County on June 2, 2021 in Sixfervar. Source: MTI / Tamás Vasvári