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Age of Empires IV game shows


After a long while, the strategy game heard about itself again, and immediately got four new game demos!

4/13/2021 00:02 | Jerig | Category: Game

Announced in 2017 MicrosoftThe fourth part of one of the most popular strategy series is under preparation Age of Empires IV. Developing a real-time strategy game is the same Entertainment remains Who have very good names in the genre: Homeworld, Company of Heroes, and many Warhammer 40,000 Strategies linked to their names.

After a long time, the project has now heard about itself again. Four new videos have also appeared on the network, two of them featuring people one by one, and the third taking on gameplay overall. One of the peoples is the Delhi Sultanate, which of course relies on elephants for fighting, among other things.

The Chinese people also made their own inspection, calling for help against the enemies of gunpowder. Interestingly, the Mongols in the game prefer to live in tents, which allows them to move their entire camp to another point on the map at any time.

In the third video, we see the English preparing for the Delhi Sultanate. At first only a single passenger can be seen, then construction of the village begins. Hunters lurk deer in the woods, grind a grain mill in the mill, and soldiers guard wooden fences. Over time, the entire small town grows out of a small village, the wooden fences are being replaced by high stone walls, and the war now requires siege engines and other contemporary military technologies.

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The fourth video is just a flair, and the developers can expect to explore it more thoroughly later. In this preview, we can look at the naval battles for a few seconds.

Age of Empires IV is scheduled to be released on PC sometime in the second half of this year, but even a closed beta can be expected sooner. ■

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Age of Empires IV

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