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Airplane hijacking in Belarus: The European Union could become more resilient, and Washington was shocked by this step

Belarus forced Ryanair’s flight from Athens to Vilnius to land on Sunday while the editor of one of the largest opposition newspapers was on board. The largest countries in the world condemned the move in turn, and the head of the British low-cost airline said that Belarusian KGB men could also sit on the plane.

The EU summit may adopt sanctions against Belarus as early as Monday, as heads of government condemned the move in a draft statement obtained by Reuters and stressed the need for the immediate release of the detained opposition leaders. In addition, they demand an international investigation into Minsk’s unprecedented and unacceptable move.

According to the news agency, more painful steps could be taken, to prevent European airlines from flying in Belarusian airspace. In addition, Belarusian companies will be isolated from European airports.

On Monday, the White House also spoke about the Belarusian move, describing it as a shock and demanding an international investigation. US President Joe Biden said he had taken up the issue personally, stressing that their ambassador was in direct contact with the Belarusian leadership.

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