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Alex: It takes a certain intelligence for a woman to find me interesting

When she was actively looking for a party, she would write about 2,000 to 2,500 women a week.

Unusually, there was a slightly tense mood Laszlo Balik where did he go? On his show where he was last Alexander was the guest. At the beginning of the episode, the former Real World winner’s childhood is touched upon, when some were ridiculed for their Greek ancestry, but a good portion of the show was spent explaining why Alex is now disappointed with dating. According to his confession, when he was actively looking for the real thing, he also wrote to 2,000 to 2,500 women a week. However, she said, no matter how good the conversations were, many women boycotted the dating process shortly before the meeting because they read something about the media personality they didn’t like.

I don’t want to cheat women because it’s not about that. But it takes a certain intelligence of a woman to find Alex interesting

The celebrity, who said that most women did not give him a chance to explain the news about him, was already cut short.

If a woman had imagination and intelligence, she would immediately sit down with me and ask the big question: Alex, I’ve seen this and that, I read. Please tell me it is. If you do, we’ll get together. But if you do Alex, don’t get mad, you wrote to me yesterday, I went up on the internet and read this and that about you, I’m sorry, but we’re not looking for each other. So that woman is an idiot

He announced, and a slight discussion ensued in the studio.

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The hosts repeatedly asked celebrities not to generalize, but she was of the opinion that since she has a lot to do with women, if anyone has, reason to generalize.

Alex also explained later on the show that he thinks not all YouTubers are talented and only appear in video sharing because they are not interesting enough to be asked to appear on TV.

All YouTubers are talentless, questioning opinions and love

He said, then advised bloggers not to ask their audience to sign up at the end of their videos. Anyway, despite this advice, László Palik closed the show in the usual way and reminded Youtube viewers of both the subscribe feature and the bell.