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Alexandra Kocsis during buttock training (video)

Alexandra Cocsis certainly does not miss exercises related to different muscle groups, so the buttocks also play an important role.

A common misconception among women is that it is enough to train your buttocks and then everything will be beautiful and good. It is never ideal to train a particular muscle group, and we look so stupid, for example, when we grow huge arms and then our leg muscles look like a bunny.

In women, this tends to shift mainly toward the buttocks, with a lot of these exercises being done as if their other muscles shouldn’t be strengthening. Obviously, the thinnest people are the luckiest, but the difference is still pretty big.

It is also important to strengthen all other muscle groups and balance us. Otherwise, it can take a very strange direction, so it is best to look at a few pages beforehand.

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Alexandra Kocsis, for example, is a great expert in this matter, and she has achieved serious results in bodybuilding and is a guarantee that we will succeed. Everyone has their own unique recipe for this, but Alexandra can help with that with plenty of advice.

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