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All five Hungarians advance 1,000 metres

In addition to the 500 metres, all five Hungarian skaters quickly advanced on the short track to the quarter-finals of the Montreal World Championships.

Liu Chawang (Photo: AFP, archive)

exactly like five hundred, The men needed two successful quarter-final rounds to reach the quarter-finals.

The first Hungarian jumped over the first barrier with five hundred and one thousand meters: Liu Chawang won the race, Peter Gasapati took second place in the race, while Pence Nogrady managed to advance to the qualifying.

Nothing has changed there – as far as younger brother Liu is concerned, he won his race again this time, reaching the quarter-finals on Sunday.

Pence Nógrádi “only” finished second in his race, but also made it to the quarter-finals, and Péter Jászapáti will be among the best on Sunday – further ahead by the time score of the short track in Szeged.

The women’s 1,000-meter tour was organized: Petra Yashabati set her indicator on Friday at one hundred percent, as the five hundred and one thousand five hundred meters Then he went here too. So did Zofia Konya, who qualified for Sunday’s quarter-finals due to her time.

The champions will open at the Montreal World Championships over the 500 and 1500m on Saturday – and the final program will begin at 7.30pm Hungarian time.

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