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All hell broke loose, they can’t stop the fire in Rhodes

All hell broke loose, they can’t stop the fire in Rhodes

In Rhodes, the temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius for about a week, causing forest fires to break out from time to time. Although arson was initially suspected, according to the authorities in Corfu, the situation has become manageable. The situation is different in Rhodes.

It could be caused by ignition

According to Konstantinos Taralellas, vice president in charge of tourism in Rhodes, the island’s resorts have also been evacuated due to the state of emergency, he writes BBC. Firefighters, volunteers, and locals are still trying to stop the fire from spreading, and trying to help out as best they can – especially with regards to vacationers here. According to Taralilas, the “life” and local economy of Rhodes is tourism.

However, according to Chariton Kotskouris, Vice President of Tourism for Corfu, the disaster was due to arson. He added that according to the authorities’ findings, the first flames may have appeared over the weekend.

EasyJet recently announced that it will be sending stranded vacationers home with two flights this afternoon. The airline said Jet2 would take British passengers home with three planes on Monday evening.

Tens of thousands have been evacuated

About 19,000 people had to leave their homes because of the disaster.

Tamas Mentzer, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, on Sunday announce On his social media page that the rapid evacuation affects 91 Hungarians, but that may change. He added that none of them were in danger.

Alert in five regions of Greece: wildfires break out one after another

They have been battling flames for a seventh day in Rhodes, while disaster prevention officers are being warned about wildfires in other regions of Greece. Read more >>>

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