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All that remains is to stay normal

Award-winning composer and singer Kossuth Ákos Kovács guest-starred on Pest TV Politics Hobbyist Tuesday evening. The musician sincerely spoke on a number of topics, such as what he thinks about his intense and advanced children’s brainwashing, the Black Lives Matter movement, and also the latest musical novelty of Ákos.

On the show, Ákos talks not only about experiences of the period that succeeded him, but also about looking to the future with hope. Since she herself was infected with the Coronavirus, her skin has struggled with the challenges of confinement, canceling concerts, staying home and digital learning.

I am also a parent and have four children. My grandfather has already traveled, but others study, not study, and I really can’t check. You knock on nursery and then yell at you, “Dad, don’t bother, it’s a class at the gym!” – This is a very strange situation for me. It’s almost as if our kids live in some kind of chewy time The musician said in the artist.

The new song also hints at a fresh start

He also talked about his new song about the epidemic which was released called “Up with Hearts”. Ákos put it this way:

Not only is the song about closure any longer, it also hints at a fresh start.

Gabor Lebes composed the music, lyrics are written by Ákos, and he also plays bass guitar. According to the singer, by spending more time at home, education and family became more assured as well.

Hungary is an island of peace

Ákos also explained that he feels himself a liberal brainwashing to violently and gradually deceive children and affect his skin, as a father.

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“It would be difficult to grow up, let’s say my American friend brought her child from college because there they expelled a professor and he found me saying that only two (biological) do not exist (…) It is difficult not to see that there is an extremely violent ideology that also affects our children, Who always throws at some topic, defining the topic of public discourse (…) is still something more than remaining natural, and defending debate (…) One should try to argue while they are still left, he added.

The singer considers it doubtful that we still have a chance for normal reflection and dialogue in the near future. In his opinion, this is also evidenced by the fact that In many western countries, users who oppose a certain ideology are almost always tracked from social networking sites – or disappearing from Youtube.

According to him, Hungary is an island of peace in terms of political rhetoric. Fortunately, he explained, we don’t expect harsh street scenes in Hungary as we have seen in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in America.

Not everyone can wait to explode again on stage

Ákos commented on the music: He’s badly missing out on the opportunity to meet the audience in person. His new song, “Up with Hearts”, is a true and life affirming song “It could be a good little musical ballad if we could finally meet the audience again.”

kos Kovács, Ákos concert, Time Island, 14.12.2019, László Papp Sports ArenaPhoto: Attila Polliak-Orego

“In this type, not everyone can wait to be bitten to return to the stage that the virus has commanded us. The public is also very much looking forward to it. The Bible also says that it is not good for a person to be alone, we are social beings. During the concert, the ranks of the community could be brought together, and people of different demographics, different ages, and education could feel the same things for a short time. “It raises me up,” Okos said in the political hobbyist book.