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All the ash covers the island of La Palma

The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano has already destroyed 513 buildings and consumed more than 237 hectares on the Canary island of La Palma, the Spanish news agency EFE said, Monday, citing satellite measurements.

According to data from the European Union’s Earth observation program Copernicus, about 19 kilometers of roads have been destroyed, with areas covered in volcanic ash exceeding 1,500 hectares.

The volcano erupted eight days ago, and the lava set off on its destructive journey in two directions. Six thousand people had to leave their homes in a short time.
Appreciable volcanic activity on Monday morning unexpectedly stopped, according to reports at the site, the roar stopped, and neither the lava nor the smoke came out from the chimney.

But after resting for a few hours, the volcano began to smoke again.

Maria José Blanco, director of the Spanish Geographical Institute of the Canary Islands, spoke at the press conference emphasizing the phenomenon: relief does not mean that there is no need to expect another outbreak.

The lava flow approached the coast less than a kilometer away by noon on Monday, and experts likely reached the sea, but they don’t know when, because its speed has slowed dramatically.

As a precaution, on the western side of the island, in several parts of the city of Tazacourt, an abandonment ban was issued, urging residents there to keep windows and doors closed as well, because dangerous gases are released at the lava and doors. Meet the sea water.

At the press conference it was said that the air quality is currently good, but acid rain cannot be ruled out in 24 hours.
Although the airport has been operating again since Sunday, only Binter has launched a flight. However, in a statement on Monday afternoon, they were already informed that they would be suspended again in the absence of appropriate safety conditions.

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La Palma Island, with a population of 85,000, can still be reached by water only, but shipping by private boats has been restricted as a precaution.

The Spanish government is expected to declare the Atlantic island a disaster area at its meeting on Tuesday, allowing the release of a number of additional resources for assistance.