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Almost thirty drowned in the English Channel

MTI wrote that 31 people who drowned and drowned in the English Channel on Wednesday went missing while trying to cross the northern British port city of Calais to the British coast. The BBC But he knows 27 victims.

French Prime Minister Jean Castix described the “tragedy” as the deadliest attempted crossing since 2018. Boris Johnson called an extraordinary meeting over the incident.

According to the French Ministry of the Interior, at 2 pm, a fisherman indicated that he saw about 15 people in the water at the height of Calais. One of the ships of the Navy rescued several people, five of whom died and five were unconscious.

The public prosecutor’s office in Dunkirk, northern France, has announced the filing of a lawsuit alleging aid in illegal immigration and grave negligent homicide. The naval commander of the English Channel, three helicopters and three ships in the North Sea continue to search for survivors and possible bodies.

Coastal Dover Representative Natalie Elvick spoke of the tragedy as the shipwreck once again highlighted why ships were prevented from running out of water. With the onset of winter, the waters will become colder and rugged, increasing the likelihood that more people will drown in the sea. (MTI/BBC)

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