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Alpine unveils Alonso 2022! – F1VILÁG.HU

The recall of Fernando Alonso last year was just the first step in a project The Alps His team wants to climb to the top again In the racing circus. Despite French stableman Esteban Ocon winning the Formula 1 race last year, it’s hard to say the team was able to fight for the podiums this season.

So after winning fifth in the designer it’s time to take the next step, and the new Formula 1 technical rules are tough as they are. They are also an opportunity for the Alpswhich unveiled the 2022 race car on Monday in an online presentation.

The car was not already at the event in Paris as it is already in Barcelona, ​​where the team will film on Tuesday and pre-season will begin on Wednesday during group testing. Accordingly, the team submitted this year’s paint job on a test car, but they released photos of this year’s race car.

Of course, the A522 race car will not be like last year’s Alpine model, and its new flagship sponsor, the new flagship sponsor, An Austrian water technology company called BWT With the arrival of blue, in addition to blue, pink will also play a dominant role in this year’s race cars. Alpine has unveiled two cars in different finishes: the pink race car will be used for the first two race weekends of the season, and the blue race car will be used for the rest of the championship.

Team drivers will start preparing for the car on Wednesday, Fernando Alonso and Esteban OconIn Barcelona you can test the stadium for 3 days, then there are 3 more days for the stables before the Bahrain season opens.

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