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Already 70,000 tickets (!) have been sold to the Real Madrid women’s team

70,000 tickets have already been sold for the Barcelona women’s soccer team’s Champions League match against Real Madrid in March, according to the Catalan club.


Spain has never seen so many women’s football matches right away, as there is a good chance you will be at the Camp Nou at the end of March (Image: AFP)

As we reported earlier this week, Barcelona has informed UEFA that the domestic rematch for the quarter-final match against Real Madrid is on March 30th. At Camp Nou. (The first match will be played a week earlier in Madrid.)

The idea of ​​driving was expected to be a hit among the Catalan side’s supporters, but perhaps not so much: According to club information on Friday, 70,000 people have already been sold!

Barcelona points out in their social media post, that there are still plenty of tickets available because they want to fill the entire stadium – this will require a total of 99,354 spectators.

Women’s Championship League
Quarterly pairs
Bayern Munich (Germany) – Paris Saint-Germain (French)
Juventus (Italy) – Lyon (French)
Arsenal (English) – Wolfsburg (Germany)
Real Madrid (Spain) – Barcelona (Spain)
In the semi-finals
Real Madrid (Spanish) / Barcelona (Spain) – Arsenal (English) / Wolfsburg (Germany)
Juventus (Italian) / Lyon (French) vs Bayern Munich (Germany) / Paris Saint-Germain (French)