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Already this year, celebrities’ private cars emit 482 times more carbon dioxide than the average person used to in one year.

He recently made a big trip with his own trip Kylie Jenner, who doesn’t care about the environment, climate change or air pollution, made the 55-kilometre journey in his private jet. With this, he alone was responsible for producing one ton of carbon dioxide in 13 minutes. The wasteful road was punctured by the teenager before him Elon Musk Also track your own car Follow, who, as a hobby, investigates the flying habits of several celebrities on his Twitter channel. It may sound strange, but it can also be very useful, considering that while the average person is responsible for an average of 4 tons of carbon dioxide entering the air in one year, the most polluting private car celebrities is 8, 293.54 tons this year. .

The 19-year-old uses robots that use air traffic data that is widely available to the public. The CelebrityJets’ Twitter account It shows how a particular individual’s consumption pales in comparison to that of a celebrity. Based on profile data, Yard is now also a wall of shame made publicand compiled the ten most polluted private cars owned by celebrities – to be exact, the dirtiest private cars that belong to celebrities, because in the first place Taylor Swift Its press official said: The machines are usually used by several people and are also rented, so it is not certain that the person in question is responsible for all emissions. Still, the list is interesting.

According to data collected by the Yard and CelebrityJets account, the most polluting private jets are:

  1. Taylor Swift (Since January, his private jet has taken off 170 times, flew for an average of 80 minutes, and released 8,293.54 tons of carbon dioxide into the air, which is 1,184.8 times the average person’s annual emissions)
  2. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (This year, the plane emits 7076.8 tons of carbon dioxide, and the shortest flight on record was only 10 minutes)
  3. Jay Z (The rapper’s plane emits 6981.3 tons of carbon dioxide this year and has made at least two half-hour flights)
  4. A-Rod (A baseball player’s plane emits 5342.7 tons of carbon dioxide so far and spends only 80 minutes in the air on average)
  5. Blake Shelton (The country musician’s private jet has made 111 flights this year, emitting 4,495 tons of carbon dioxide)
  6. Steven Spielberg (The director’s private jet has taken off 61 times this year, releasing 4,465 tons of carbon dioxide into the air)
  7. Kim kardashian (The celebrity emits 4,268.5 tons of carbon dioxide this year, and his plane has already made a 23-minute flight this year)
  8. Mark Wahlberg (The actor’s private jet has released 3,772.85 tons of carbon dioxide this year, one of his shortest flights being 29 minutes.)
  9. Oprah Winfrey (The $75 million private jet emitted 3,493.17 tons of CO2 this year, and its shortest flight of the year was 14 and 16 minutes)
  10. Travis Scott (Private aircraft emit 3033.3 tons of carbon dioxide this year)
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Data shows that celebrities’ private cars are responsible for emitting 3,376.64 tons of carbon dioxide per capita on average, while the average person typically emits 7 tons per year. On average, this is already 482.37 times more than our annual production, and the year is not over yet.

Of course, this does not mean that individual reductions in emissions have no effect – rather, that system-wide changes are necessary in order to truly slow climate change.