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Amber Heard has the most beautiful face in the world according to science

Zsófi Szabó: Regarding the dissolution of the engagement, I would have liked to announce that I am smiling in the picture, I look good, but I am not good

The announcer gave an interview for the first time since they broke up with Shin Tosub. Among other things, Zsófi revealed that in the middle of the pandemic, he started running and dieting to have a brother to his son.

Zsófi Szabó gave her first interview since her split from Shane Tusup – she 24 h. The presenter told Joy Magazine, among other things, that in the past 16 years, life had presented bumps and challenges about every six months, and that he couldn’t remember a period of work, relationship, and privacy when nothing happened to him.

“The past period has been very difficult for my private life because I haven’t shown it in years when I had difficulties. Social media is only a part of my life, which I present, as the most important role in my life, the kind of mother I am, is seen only by my close relatives. How much easier it would be to draw a nicer picture of myself if I knew my page.”

– said Zsófi Szabó, who said he was a very communicative person, but the 14 years he had already spent in the media made him more cautious, distant, and at the same time stronger.

“I’ve been communicating with emojis in recent years. I often wrote a long post, either about parenting, a relationship, a career or about what was going on in the world, but then I deleted it. Consciously taking back all my looks, I don’t want any fuss (…) Regarding the dissolution of the engagement, for example, I would have said yes, I smile in the picture, I look good, but I am not good “

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– said the presenter, who said that this was only going to make headlines, “He’s not feeling well, he’s complaining, why isn’t he good, he’s beautiful, young, he looks good.”

“Anyway, I’m really good, I’m happy, I never complain”

Zsófi added.

The presenter also spoke about the fact that recently he found a jogger, thanks to which he is now in good shape and healthy and sports help him in all difficulties. At the same time, it was about much more than people outside realize.


Behind a picture of a muscular belly, which comes with the comments ‘Na, refer to yourself,’ there is much more than just a woman.

He said.