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AMD and Microsoft are jointly developing an ARM processor for laptops

The cooperation between the two companies has not yet appeared.

Someone appeared on Twitter Register, based on the collaboration of AMD and Microsoft experts to develop a powerful ARM processor for the future Surface product. The goal is to create a CPU that will have lower graphics performance than the nVidia GTX1050, but larger than older Qualcomm architecture chips.

a Windows Central and the Diary It stated that according to another related tweet, the chip under construction is based on the Cortex-X1 and will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) through a 5nm manufacturing process. In principle, the new processor was supposed to be released this year, but the premiere was postponed due to delays in the manufacturing process. A mobile module is not integrated into the chip, and an optionally 5G module can be configured for it.

The new product will not only be purchased by Microsoft, the cooperation will also include a number of other partner companies who also want to launch ARM laptops based on the new chip. Incidentally, Microsoft chose AMD because Qualcomm, its only exclusive partner so far, hasn’t moved fast enough with development. In addition, the manufacturer is also making a new laptop processor and wants to use its own design, but this model may be ready by the end of 2022.

AMD is also working with Samsung, where the manufacturer provides the graphics unit for Exynos chips. However, this collaboration is currently limited to smartphones.