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America invited China: Don’t get on the wrong side of history!

“We are concerned that China will turn toward Russia,” a US State Department spokesman said in response to a phone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Xing, that Beijing justified Moscow’s steps to protect national interests from external challenges. Both parties published a summary of this conversation that we wrote in these articles:

“More than three months after Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine, China is still on Russia’s side. It continues to spread Russian propaganda around the world, defend Moscow in international organizations, evade its obligations as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and denies any Russia so. In Ukraine .. atrocities, saying they were orchestrated. “

Inevitably, countries siding with Vladimir Putin will be on the wrong side of history. “It is time for world heads of state and government to take a clear position on President Putin’s reckless aggression and support for Ukraine,” the spokesman said, emphasizing his warning to Beijing’s leadership to provide military support or support to Russia to avoid Western sanctions.

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