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America is seriously concerned: they are afraid of peace on the island of Ireland

Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to US President Joe Biden, says stability would be severely affected if the UK unilaterally condemned the Northern Ireland protocol. Daily Mail.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is part of an agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom aimed at maintaining peace on the island of Ireland. In fact, Brexit will extend the EU’s border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, as opposed to the Good Friday Conference that ended in 1998, ending the bloody Northern Ireland conflict. Therefore, according to the agreement between the European Union and Great Britain, there will no longer be border controls between the two parts of the island of Ireland, but the customs border will be between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain.

Lord Frost, Britain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke after Britain’s National Security Adviser set a November deadline to finalize the protocol, which Britain would unilaterally condemn.

Sullivan said the minister’s statement is of great concern to the United States.

The pro-British Northern Unionists strongly criticized the protocol, saying it would disrupt British unity and help reunite the island of Ireland. Riots erupted in several cities in Northern Ireland in April this year.

The British government wants to renegotiate the protocol with the EU, but talks have stalled. European Commission Vice President Maros Sepovich in Dublin yesterday AnnouncedThe EU will come up with new plans for the protocol.

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