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America prepares for national riots –

A wave of riots swept through some major American cities last year after white police officer Derek Chauvin died in Minneapolis while George Floyd, a black man, died. Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck for ten minutes, and repeatedly complained about his inability to breathe. Chauvin is on trial for the murder, his trial is about to end. He is expected to be sentenced to 12.5 years in prison. The lawsuit was accompanied by a series of demonstrations in several cities.

After the verdict, many major US cities are expecting riots. Minneapolis Police uses the help of the National Guard. The news was originally about the deployment of 500 guards, but according to information posted on Twitter by the Minnesota Guard, more guards could be mobilized.

The police presence in Los Angeles has also intensified, and Police Chief John Satterfield has said he is ready to deploy the guard if the violence escapes.

The sentinel has also been outfitted in Pennsylvania, as authorities fear unrest in Philadelphia.

Washington, DC police have also been placed on high alert, but there is no reason to post a guard here yet.

In many major cities, shops closed their shop windows for fear of looters attacking the shops involved.

Title map: Jim Vondruska / NurPhoto via Getty Images

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