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American generals questioned Biden’s suitability

The US press reported that more than 120 retired military commanders, generals and admirals have publicly questioned the purity of the 2020 presidential election and the mental health of US President Joe Biden.

It stated in an open letter, signed by 124 former military leaders and published by Flag Officers 4 America on Business Insider on Tuesday, but which only attracted the attention of the American press on Thursday: Our constitutional republic is lost without fair and fair elections that accurately reflect the will of the people.

In their own words, “the FBI and (Federal) Supreme Court should act quickly when electoral irregularities emerge and should not ignore them as they did in 2020.”

They feel obligated to fulfill their oath

In a presentation on the website of an organization called Flag Officer 4 America, he wrote, “We are retired military leaders who have pledged to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies.”

As they write: Although already retired from active duty, however They feel obligated to take their oath, Which states that they “will do everything in their power today to protect the nation from threats to its freedom.”

Biden is the oldest president in the United States

The signatories of the letter also questioned Biden’s suitability for the presidency. They put it this way: “The mental and physical condition of a commander in chief cannot be ignored. He must be able to make quick and accurate decisions on national security issues, whether by day or at night.”

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The signatories of the letter also questioned Biden’s suitability for the presidencySource: Agence France-Presse / Saul Loeb

During the 2020 election campaign Former President Donald Trump has long questioned Biden’s health and ability to govern. He called the incumbent president “Sleepy Joe” and in March 2020 he said “something happened” with Biden’s mental abilities.

In 2019, Biden’s personal physician, Kevin O’Connor, published a report on the president’s health, describing him as “a healthy, vibrant 77-year-old man” and “fit to hold the presidency successfully.” Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States. The White House announced this week that the president will undergo a full medical examination this year.

According to the letter writers, their nation is in great danger

In their letter, the signatories also identified what they viewed as the main threats to the United States. These included the rise of China, the possibility of re-joining the Iran nuclear deal, immigration, and a halt to the construction of the Keystone oil pipeline.

The signatories also demanded the repeal of Section 230 of the so-called Fair Communications Act, which was passed in 1996. The passport states, for example, that tech companies that run social internet platforms are not legally responsible for user posts and comments. On the campaign trail, Biden and Trump both agreed that something must start with regulation to ensure weak tech companies.
Our nation is in great danger – He expressed the retired soldiers, stressing that “since 1776 (the passage of the American Declaration of Independence) we have been fighting in an unprecedented manner for survival as a constitutional republic.”

The signatories of the open letter also affirmed that they believe that “the struggle is between supporters of socialism and Marxism on the one hand and supporters of constitutional freedom on the other hand.”

Signatories to the letter include, for example, Lieutenant General William Boykin, former Deputy Secretary of Defense, or Lieutenant General John Poindexter, former national security advisor to former Republican President Ronald Reagan.

Major General Joe Arbuckle, who organized the writing, defended the signatories’ efforts via email. As he put it, “We face greater threats than at any time since the founding of our country. To remain silent is a breach of duty.” His email was published by Politico.