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American gymnast Simone Biles quits her singles competition منافس

Simone Biles, the most successful American gymnast ever, was injured at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday after the team doctor jumped him into the locker room. Shortly thereafter, the young athlete returned with a bandage on his right thigh, then hid for a warm-up and continued to cheer only for his comrades.

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However, the American Gymnastics Association announced on Wednesday thatThe gymnast also misses the complex individual competition, saying he needs to focus on his mental health now. This is because it can start with one of the odd numbers.

The U.S. gymnastics team won a silver on Tuesday, and Biles won a sixth Olympic medal. After the race, Biles said: After our race, I didn’t want to continue. I need to focus on my mental health. I think mental health is the most important thing in sports right now. We need to protect our minds and bodies and not just go out and do what the world wants

The athlete’s decision was supported by many, including gymnast Caitlin Ohashi and five-time British gymnast Max Anthony Whitlock.


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