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Amy Schumer fired her country because she looked too good

After the cesarean delivery, she felt too weak to be around a perfect-looking woman.

Amy Schumer the youngest son, gene He was born in 2019. The comedian has documented her pregnancy all the time, and has spoken a lot since then on the topic of motherhood. For example, he talks openly about having one baby with a flask program and that many times you won’t pledge Pregnancy. She considers that it is up to her heart that it is no longer a taboo for a female body after childbirth, of which she used to take a picture. subscriber About himself on his Instagram, which shows him naked and shows a scar on his stomach after a cesarean section. It was later due to endometriosis Removal womb of the actress.

Now in a podcast He said to me About the fact that shortly after giving birth, she was divorced from her state, who would have done it Ben Badgley his wife, Domino Kirk volts. The reason for the dismissal was not because of the woman’s incompetence, but because Schumer felt that Kirk was too beautiful, while not nearly perfect after the caesarean section.

Dominoes like a goddess, a real siren. And it’s so nice that when you touch it, you melt it. He was really a family member. I felt so weak at the time that I couldn’t stand this Botticelli goddess in my house while I was bleeding so badly. I didn’t have the strength to give myself the luxury of being by my side. I told him he can’t go back again

remember Schumer on the show. Like I said, you feel really bad about what happened.

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Doula is a woman without a health qualification who accompanies pregnancy, childbirth and the weeks and months that follow, and during this period supports the expectant mother emotionally and physically.