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An amazing find in Siberia

The remains of a frozen lion cub 28,000 years ago have been found in Siberia. Russian researchers said the new discovery could shed light on how they might have lived, as the last Siberian lions may have been fed, M1 News reports.

In Sparta, a lion cub managed to live only two months. It froze in what is now Yakutia about 28,000 years ago. Since then, the body of the young cave lion has been preserved in permafrost.

The lion cub is special because it left not only its skeleton and outer covering, but also its internal organs completely intact. We wish we could find remnants of mother’s milk in it, with which we can find out exactly how cave lions feedSaid Valery Plotnikov, researcher at the Yakut Academy of Sciences.

Sparta is not the first lion cub found by Russian archaeologists in the area. Boris’ remains were found not far from where he was found. However, the young male lion does not come from the litter with Sparta, he lived well twenty thousand years ago. Not far from them, two more young lions were found – they could have been frozen in a week or two.

We have not previously found similar finds in Yakutia The researcher asserts.

Now, researchers are helped by the fact that global warming is causing the upper layers of permafrost to thaw in summer. The first small lion was drawn to the attention of scientists by giant Hungarian researchers.

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