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An anti-white, racist LGBT parade is held in Seattle

In Seattle, there is Pride organized by three radical left organizations in which whites can only participate for a fee called compensation fee, while blacks and blacks can participate for free. However, the Seattle City Council Human Rights Council, led by the Left Democrats, does not consider this anti-white action to be discriminatory or racist. Organizers of the Chicago Lesbian Parade have posted an entry saying that a LGBT activist is burning the Israeli and American flags on an armed police car.

In the citadel of the American Radical Left, an exclusionary racist organization was introduced in Seattle on the occasion of an LGBTQ (named Pride) rally. under this Only those with black or brown skin color can participate in the Take B(l)ack Pride scheduled for June 26 for free.

Whites, if they want to participate in the LGBTQ parade, then They must pay a compensation fee of between $10 and $50. The organizers intend to use the funds raised to develop the black and brown transgender communities (the latest gender identities in left-wing circles). Writes after the millennium.

It is not clear from the regulations what will happen to potential participants of Asian descent, and whether they will also be disqualified by theoretically tolerant LGBTQ activists? Nor is it clear in which category the Native American participants fall.

The LGBTQ Parade is organized by three radical left groups, Transgender Women’s Network for Color Solidarity, Alphabet of Color Coalition, and Queer the Land.

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Because of the compensation fee imposed on whites, many turned to the Seattle Municipal Human Rights Commission, led by the Left Democrats, because they saw the new regulations as discriminatory. In their view, negative discrimination based on skin color violates Article 2 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the organizers of Taking B(l)ack Pride.

Fox News Based on your information However The Municipal Human Rights Commission dismissed the complaint, arguing that the compensation fee was not discriminatory and could not be interpreted as racist or anti-white.

Newsweek about it sought him Seattle Pride. A spokesperson for the LGBTQ organization said they only host Seattle Pride, which everyone has been waiting for free, but they have nothing to do with taking B(l)ack Pride because it is an alternative offer for LGBTQ.

Organizers of the Chicago Lesbian Parade talked about burning the Israeli and American flags

see To be noticed Newkohn reported that the organizers of Chicago’s Lesbian Parade Dyke March posted a post on their Instagram page. A LGBT activist burns the Israeli and American flags on an armed police car.

Chicago Dyke MarchSource: Twitter / chidykemarch

The incident sparked outrage, so Chicago lesbians later removed the position for inciting anti-Semitism and anti-police on the part of their community. But the accusation of anti-Semitism is rejected, They, in turn, admit that they are “anti-Zionists”, that is, anti-Israel, which is the equivalent of twenty-first century anti-Semitism in circles of the left (radical). The Star of David, in reference to Judaism and the State of Israel, is the Dyke March Washington Foundation Still in 2019 Ban him from his march.