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An emergency update has been added to Chrome

Two vulnerabilities that were actively exploited by programmers have been fixed.

Another no-queue update made available for Google Chrome, total version 95.0.4638.69 seven pieces Fixes browser vulnerabilities. The immediate release of the patch was required due to zero-day vulnerabilities, and according to Google, some attackers are already exploiting highly classified bugs.

Image is for illustration purposes onlySource: George Milton / Pexels

Little information is available about zero-day vulnerabilities so far, based on one in the browser’s JavaScript processing component and the other in the Intents feature, which uses the Android version to easily run installed apps or install apps from the Play Store.

Besides the two, fifteen zero-day vulnerabilities have been fixed in Chrome this year.

The fix for the PC version of Chrome will soon be installed by users, plus you can expedite it by importing a contact page from the main menu. Installing the mobile Chrome update may take more time, but you can find it in the Play Store soon.

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