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An error can disable Firefox

The developers are working on a fix, and the symptoms appear until then the problem can be addressed.

unpleasant error They can bump into it For Firefox users on computers running Linux, macOS, and Windows, the browser may unexpectedly refuse to load web pages, and nothing happens other than tabs appearing.

Until the error correction is received, disabling HTTP3 completely prevents the error from occurringSource: Origo

Mozilla is already working on a fix, reporting an HTTP3 implementation error. Currently, there are a few websites that support this, but browser analytics servers have recently switched to it, and Firefox tries to connect to it when the problem occurs.

The programming loop creates an endless loop that prevents the browser from loading websites.

The error will likely be fixed in no time by Mozilla, and disabling HTTP3 until an update is available will fix this problem. How do I do it:

  • Must be loaded into the browser address bar in a file About: config page,
  • There you have to look for network.http3.enabled Selection
  • Double click on your name (False be worth),
  • Finally, you must restart your browser to apply the new setting.

Once a bug fix is ‚Äč‚Äčavailable, you will of course need to re-enable HTTP3 support.

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