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An exciting online exhibition is expected in May: get your health questions answered at Life Expo!

The LIFE FORCE EXPO More than one exhibition, in addition to exciting programs and amazing exhibition spaces, registrants receive rich coupons, in addition to winning one of two wellness weekends for two, pre-registrants also participate in raffles for other valuable prizes.

Exhibition in the name of health

Protecting and maintaining our health is one of the most important tasks in our lives, and one of the cornerstones of a good life. However, in the rush of everyday life, the real challenge is taking care of ourselves and living a truly health conscious life. We often only realize when something happens to us or a relative, in which case we ask ourselves the question hopelessly. “Who should I turn to? What should I do?” LIFE FORCE EXPO is set up to have you three weeks when you have someone to turn to, when we can get answers to these questions, and even get helpful advice on prevention. Interested parties are very prevalent, including cardiologyThe diabeticAnd the Playing sportsAnd the overweightAnd the OncologyAnd the Healthy food You can get information from trusted organizations, healthcare providers and professionals during the three weeks of the event, 24 hours a day.

The main goal of LIFE FORCE EXPO is to be available to as many people as possible, so you can help as many people as possible. You can easily browse the programs of the event, which takes place on tens of thousands of virtual square meters, in the comfort of our home, at the most convenient time and without fees. With stunning 3D platforms, spaces to roam online, Thursday with LIVEHelpful presentations, roundtable discussions, programs and other exciting quizzes await visitors.

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In addition to health professionals, original star guests will also speak on this topic at EXPO programmes, including Attila Katos Fitness Coach and Lifestyle Consultant, Zsuzsi Völgyi Singer Hajdu Steve Actor and comedian and Gabor Nemeth “Nemo” Musician or instrumentalist. In the exhibition area of ​​the event, among others, health guideThe Berlin Kimi / A. Menarini, The Budapest Gyógyfürdői Zrt., The Novartisaz OTP Health Fund, The Day Med or the RadiVert MR . Diagnostic Center Exhibition stands will be displayed, and thematic venues will host informative readings, yoga videos, and an art exhibition.