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An illegal immigrant has been cleaned up at the home of the left-wing Swedish Prime Minister

Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has come under fire for cleaning her home with an illegal immigrant, Britain’s BBC television reported on Monday. The twenty-year-old Nicaraguan woman who was found in the prime minister’s home near Stockholm not only had a residence permit, but had previously been convicted of theft, and in 2020 a decision was made to deport him.

According to a BBC report, police went to the prime minister’s home in Nacka, near Stockholm, because someone had mistakenly activated a burglar alarm system. Authorities found two working women at the scene, one of whom, because she is an illegal immigrant, has a valid deportation order.

a Prime Minister since November He said he had already terminated his contract with a cleaning company that brokered the cleaning of the women. Speaking to the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Saturday, he said:They can also fall victim to rogue actions that want to do everything right“.

he added:

The head of the cleaning company assured him that each employee had a work permit.

The house in Nac is home to the Andersson family, but the Prime Minister has already moved into the Prime Minister’s residence in Stockholm.

The twenty-year-old woman, presumably of Nicaraguan origin, was handed over to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Not only did he not have a residence permit, he was previously convicted of theft and in 2020 a decision was made to deport him.

The incident still occurred on December 21, but it was not until the end of the week that the Swedish press began reporting on it, first with Expressen, who sparked the scandal.

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Sweden’s first female prime ministerSocial Democrat Magdalena Anderson identified the fight against the black economy as one of her main goals.

In his inaugural address last year, he focused on people’s sense of personal responsibility in the fight against organized crime, which he said he shamelessly blamed on the economy.

Opposition politicians also expressed concerns about the security situation in Anderson and the surrounding area, and security measures. They suggested that there should be better control over who has access to the prime minister’s home.

Tobias Billstrom, the leader of the opposition moderate party faction, recalled in his microblog regarding what happened: British Immigration Minister Mark Harper was forced to resign in 2014 because it was revealed he used a cleaner without a work permit in the UK.