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An Indian version of the Corona virus has appeared in Romania

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A focal point of the Coronavirus has been identified among construction workers from India at a sugar plant in Butfalo, Brasov Province, among construction workers from India. Transindex writes Based on a notification from the Romanian Ministry of Health.

Coronavirus infection was detected in five of the eight workers from India, while the other three tested negative. The National Institute of Public Health (INSP) previously reported that an Indian mutation of the coronavirus, B. The infected person arrived in the country about a month ago and volunteered to be tested because he showed mild symptoms. According to the Institute of Public Health, the subtype discovered is not the same that caused the disease wave in India according to Public Health England Service.

The Indian virus variant creates a double mutation, that is, a two-point change in the coronavirus elevation protein. It is feared that this type will more effectively bypass the natural defense of the human body and cause a more dangerous course of disease. It is not yet known what protection the different vaccines will provide against it. At the moment, it is suspected that it will only reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

The Brasov County Public Health Authority ordered housing isolation and started an epidemiological investigation to find out who the infected person was in contact with.

In Romania, the infection rate fell by a third in the past month: On Thursday, the Strategic Communications tribe reported 1,850 new cases, 30 percent less than the average over the past two weeks and more than 65 percent from the previous month’s rate. .

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The number of deaths and serious illnesses continues to show a high but downward trend: 138 deaths were reported on Thursday and nearly 1,300 coronavirus patients are fighting to survive in intensive care in Romania.

Romania also sent a relief shipment of medical equipment – 20 high-performance oxygen therapy machines, 75 oxygen cylinders and 80 enrichment operations – on a military plane to India on Wednesday as part of an expanded partnership between the two countries since 2013.Transindex/ MTI)

The independent Hungarian press did not face such a difficult task that it faced during the pandemic.

The government does not allow journalists near healthcare facilities, nor does it share most basic information about the epidemic with the public. Public media and other propaganda channels are doing their best to mask the real situation.

Despite the obstacles placed before us on the number 444, we can show how the epidemic is spreading in Hungary and in the world.

Millions get information from charts and graphs that display accurate numbers and current trends.

The pandemic data page, which it collects, has assumed the role of public service media in recent months. This not only informs our readers, but also helps them to stay healthy and keep loved ones healthy.