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An indication – abroad – EU accession talks with Turkey may be suspended

Ha Turkey Doesn’t change direction, then To the European Commission In a resolution adopted at their plenary session in Brussels, members of the European Parliament said that they should formally suspend the country’s accession negotiations.

In a resolution adopted by 480 to 64, with 150 abstentions, members of the European Parliament affirmed:

Relations between the European Union and Turkey have deteriorated to the point that Brussels needs a fundamental reassessment of its relations with Ankara.

According to them, the Turkish government has moved away from the values ​​and standards of the European Union in recent years, which has led to the decline of relations between the two sides to an historical lowest level. Members of the European Parliament were particularly concerned about the state of rule of law in Turkey and the state of basic rights.

Members of the European Parliament have expressed their concern about Turkey’s hostile foreign policy towards some member states of the European Union, especially Greece and Cyprus. They also criticized Ankara’s involvement in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh, saying:

Turkey must acknowledge this The Armenian GenocideWhich may pave the way for reconciliation between the Turkish and Armenian peoples.

They recognized the key role of Turkey in ensuring the stability of its wider environment and acknowledged the efforts made by EU diplomacy to establish an effective dialogue. However, it has been described as unacceptable if migrants and refugees are used for political influence and extortion.

Finally, members of the European Parliament called on the Turkish authorities to immediately and unconditionally release all human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers, university professors, and everyone who has been detained on unfounded charges.

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