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An Iranian judo player wrote sports history on the second day of the Tel Aviv Grand Slam tournament

An Iranian judo player wrote sports history on the second day of the Tel Aviv Grand Slam tournament. Iranian world champion Saeed Mallaj retreated from participating in the Olympic Games last year under pressure from his government so that he would not have to fight an Israeli competitor, now – albeit in the colors of Mongolia – participating in the Israeli race.

He came in with his usual strong style, and there was no cure for a long time: he made his way to the final, but faced the best-formed Uzbek Sarovidin Poltaboyev.

The medals were awarded to the Iranian-Mongolian and Fatih Judo by Marius Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation. .

“Thanks to everyone, the association and the directors. Everyone loves to make friends. Sports and politics are two different things. I am very happy. I am an athlete, a free person, I have nothing to do with politics. It is about sports,” Said Mullaig said.

The Slovenes reached the finals of the women’s 63kg race: Olympic champion Tina Trstinjak won by duel. Maurice Janasvili managed to take the gold from an Israeli-Georgian shepherd.

In the men’s 73 kg weight category, Roman Reiko faced a young Italian contestant in the finals. He compared Esposito’s attempt to throw the ball so much that he scored a victory.

It was Rikko’s first international gold medal and his first Grand Slam victory. Florin Daniel Lachau, Chief Justice of the International Warlock Federation, put the medal around his neck.

In the 70-pound women’s field, Frenchman Margot Pinot played tough matches. Taking a choke in one match and then throwing in the final was enough to get the gold.

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Lisa Allan, Events Director of the International Google Federation, presented her with the medal.

Margot Pinot said: “We are very fortunate to be here. To be able to continue the race at all. Although there are strict epidemiological rules and we have to wait a lot, we are still very fortunate to be able to play a sport.” .

The most beautiful move on the second day of the race in a 70-pound bronze match was the hip throw of Dutch Van Dyck: the applause of the young crowd at Shlomo Stadium in Tel Aviv here.