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Andi Tóth’s talent can’t be developed enough

Andy Totht recently Dancing with the stars in the show We can see it on Saturday evenings, and while for many such a show is a kind of professional peak, Andi Tóth is definitely not one of them. At least that was evident from his interview with 20 Minutes Honestly, where he complained that as a musician he gets very few opportunities in this country and wants more than he has achieved thus far:

I obviously enjoy squashing, but when I moved here, it wasn’t my goal to dance on Saturday nights or last year to imitate Tina Turner’s vocals. I didn’t come up with those goals and I want more… Great job, I need a lot of talent and a lot of work, I know I have that, I consider myself a damn ambitious person. However, there are very few opportunities in this country in the field of music

Conversation quotes from Blikk.

Andy Toth at the polygraph in the 20 minutes frankly (Image: YouTube)

Singer . said Relationship with his parents And that he has not been in contact with his father for two years, and does not even know in which country he is currently living. Her relationship with her father before the divorce made it difficult for her to meet her mother because she did not want her father on the other hand. He feels the situation is such that he couldn’t even do him any good because of it: “It required me to be what I am now.”

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