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“Andorra has received a lot of punishment from Hungary” – cowardice

Local newspapers write about Andorra’s penalty kick in the first half, but overall he was a deserving guest a day after Andorra-Hungary (1-4) World Cup qualifiers.

The Hungarian national team overcame the Andorra hurdle (Photo: Karoly Orvay)


Bundia also commented on the missed penalty (Photo: Kocsmár-Tóth István)

a Andorra Newspaper He writes that “the national team received a lot of punishment from Hungary”, indicating that Koldo Alvarez started the match very well, facing several dangerous situations in the first half, but 45 + 2. He had no answer on Viola header born in minutes. As they write, the Hungarian national team in the second half “was not pardoned and scored three more goals,” in the end, the captain’s penalty kick, Marc Pujol, meant only “cosmetics”.

a Bondia He also recognized the Hungarian performances in the second half, but also indicated that Andorra did not get a penalty in the first half, even at 0-0. “Alex Martinez’s pass from the left flank could not reach the goal, and Cocot Lang stopped it irregularly. The referee did not see any penalty, although it was quite clear.” Writes the newspaper about the situation. It is written about the game of Hungarians, “It started badly, but the group led by Marco Rossi left no chance for a surprise in the second half. Although they may have felt in danger in the first half, their second half performance was more intense.”

According to El Periodic, Viola’s goal sealed the fate of the Hungarians (Photo: István Kocsmár-Tóth)

The C league In fact, he describes the captain, Marcio Vieira, who made the biggest mistake early in the match. They also highlighted how Coco Fernández – who most did not expect to start in this match – has succeeded in wreaking havoc in Hungary’s defense. They also mentioned the clear position of Coco and Lang, writing in place of an editorial decision: “Despite the large and large protests of the small local seats, the movement was worth nothing.”

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The newspaper reporter felt that Viola’s vertical goal sealed the home team’s fate. In the second half, a more confident Hungarian team came out on the field, which quickly increased its advantage – while the Andorran team sold out step by step. “The attitudes of the guests followed each other, Kleinheisler was very active in the Hungarian attacks, and almost broke Josep Gomez’s back because of his goal.” He wrote the Douri newspaper in his report.

On a group fan Anglia Moaning profit Poland Eileen.

“Remember, this was our third game, the minutes we played are very important, especially when it comes to a match of this intensity – He began his evaluation Paulo Souza, Federal Captain of the Poles. “There was no balance in the first half, I had to lead Maciej Rybus to reduce the pressure. After the break, we played better with this, for a while we were in control of the match, we could score another goal. He hit our opponent twice with a point kick, and we have to pay more.” Of interest to these, especially in the second wave, are those who come to the bouncing balls. We must not forget that Gareth Southgate has been leading the English language since 2016 and you can choose from a large number of players. We are not happy, but we are on the right track. “

The 50-year-old professional went to the first stage on the junior bench of the Polish national team.

“It is a difficult time, no one is safe from the virus, which is becoming more contagious, and requires more sacrifices from the players, the professional equipment, not to mention the management. It is difficult to deal with, but we are still at the beginning. “Happy with the introduction and mentality. We need to do well in both halves in the future, if all the players can be deployed, we can do more.”

“Personally, I said that I don’t want six points but nine points in the three matches. I’ve always kept that in mind, and also tried to educate the players. We need to maintain the mentality that we can see against the English in the second half. We will have time to build ourselves up and fight.” For the World Cup. “

English-Polish Harry Maguire goal settled (Photo: AFP)
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Gareth Southgate His team started the playoffs with three wins, but the Fed captain admits they have room for improvement.

“We were very good in the first half and dominated the game. Such a goal could shake the team strongly, but we responded well and maintained restraint and scored an important goal from a free kick.” Said the English captain.

When the Poles equalized, John Stones made a foul, and the Manchester City defender fell asleep in the match and sold the ball to his sixteen team, with Jacob Moder scoring an easy goal from it.

“He pulled himself together and also played a part in getting the win, which is important. Some breakdown at this point, he didn’t. He’s having a great season, and even though he made a big mistake tonight, he reacted after that.”

“We played with a very good Polish team. We finished a great week, but we can see that we still have room for improvement. There were a lot of footballers missing who could have revived the national team in the last two games – that was a little stress, but the players They gave their best and deserved to win. “

Eligible for the European World Championship
The first group
Andorra-Hungary 1-4 (0-1)
Andorra la Vella, The national stadium, 300 spectators. Led by: Thorenson (Iceland)
Andorra: Josep Gómez – M. San Nicolas (Rubio, 62.), Lovera, Emily Garcia, Alavedra (Ribes, 77.) – Alex Martinez (Christian Martinez, 62.), Marcio Vieira (Pujol, 77.), Vallis, Servos – R. . Fernandez (Aaron Sanchez, 82.), Alise. Federal Captain: Koldo Alvarez
Hungary: Dibusz – Fiola, Lang, Szalai A. – Lovrencsics G. (Varga K., 83.), Kleinheisler (Nego, 83.), Nagy Á. (Sigér D., 61.), Zs. Kalmár (Rich, 29), Ant – Nikolics (R. Varga, 61), Á. Szalai. Federal Captain: Marco Rossi
Julzerzo: Pujol (from 90 + 3 to 11), respectively. Flask (45 + 2.), Rich (51), Kleinheisler (58), Nijo (90)

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National Sports reports on the venue: Pence Babjak, Istvan Coxmar Toth (text), Caroly Orvay (photo)

England 2 – Poland 1
London, Wembley Stadium, Behind closed gates. Led by: Kuibers (Netherlands)
Anglia: Pope – Chilwell, Stones, Maguire, Walker – Foden (James, 86.), Rice, Phillips – Sterling (Lingard, 90.), Kane (Calvert Lewin, 89.), Mount. Federal Captain: Gareth Southgate.
Poland: Szczesny – Bednarek, Glik, Helik (Józwiak, 54.) – Bereszynski, Krychowiak, Moder, Rybus (Reca, 85.) – Swiderski (Milik, a szünetben), Piatek (Augustyniak, 76.), Zielinski (Grosicki, 85. ). Federal Captain: Paulo Souza.
Julzerzo: Kane (19-19), Maguire (85), and Moder (58.)

In the third game of the group
San Marino – Albania 0-2

Group I status.
1. Anglia 3 3 9-1 +8 9
2. Hungary 3 2 1 10-4 +6 7
3. Albania 3 2 1 3-2 +1 6
4. Poland 3 1 1 1 7-5 +2 4
5. Andorra 3 3 1-8 –7
6. San Marino 3 3 0-10 – 10