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András Csonka took to the streets where he spent the night

Unfortunately, Tuesday night turned To Andras Csonka. Due to lack of attention, he couldn’t in Szeged Taking a break from his apartment, he spent the night in his car for lack of better. The actor stood very calmly and cheerfully on this unusual occasion.

I was training on Apache until 3am, so when we were done, I was going to go to the apartment I rented, but none of the switches would open the stairwell door. The person who gave me his apartment lost a number by mistake, so the gate code didn’t work. Of course I also called the owner of the apartment but unfortunately I did not understand Andras said Borsnack.

Tried to get a room in a nearby hotel, but unfortunately it was a full house due to the summer season. “I was tired and didn’t want to visit other hotels in the city.” That’s why I thought I’d spend the evening in the car, and that didn’t happen to me anyway truncated laughter. – I was able to sleep a little, only two hours, because that was uncomfortable and I couldn’t lie on my back in the car.

At seven in the morning, the owner of the apartment immediately informed the actor to apologize and let him into the apartment. Andras was not angry, but rather thought that he had a new experience.

My sisters have been living here in Szeged for a while, and she also told me why I didn’t call them. At dawn, I didn’t want to wake them up or provoke the occupants of the house to let them in. It doesn’t suit anyone, and I wouldn’t bother anyone at this point . said page Young.

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