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András Kepes on his childhood: I will never be my true friends

73-year-old writer and presenter Antonia Mezaros told about her busy childhood, which was full of contradictions, but also about how she has maintained her youthful momentum and energy over the past decades.

“A kind of self-defense mechanism has developed in me.”

UNICEF Hungary launched a special podcast series: During her interviews, she became famous people (actors, writers, musicians, TV presenters) sharing with their audience the surprise behind the scenes of their childhood. Season two kicked off immediately with one of the country’s greatest favorites, writer and presenter Andras Kepes, who has retained his freshness, sense of humor and incredible energy for 73 years. Kepes, who has already established himself as a journalist and novelist, TV presenter and lecturer at the Department of Motion Picture at Budapest Metropolitan University, did not find it difficult to tell stories about his childhood. He noted, for example, that he completed his primary and secondary education in Budapest, Beirut, and Buenos Aires; Because of his father’s frequent assignments, he traveled a lot around the world, his experiences were invaluable, but he also mentioned the many shortcomings of a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

“My childhood experiences have taught me that the key to my survival is to accept and fall in love with everyone, yet I will always be a stranger.” – said Kepes, Executive Director of UNICEF Hungary, to Antónia Mészáros. “I can never take root anywhere, I can never have true friends, deep human connections, attachments. There was no time to deepen these matters. A kind of self-defense mechanism developed in me: I should not be too attached to anyone. , because I could lose her at any time if we moved again.”he added Famous writer.

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