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It has not decreased in recent decades Andrea Varconi Interested in. As a news reader for TV2, he knew his face and name, but he has since shown what he can do in a sea of ​​shows. In addition to his work, people are also curious about its privacy, as evidenced by the list in Google searches.

What most people are looking for is Andrea Varconi’s husband

Andrea Várkonyi’s private life has been of interest to people since she was first seen on TV2. She was already married when she met the country, Attila ZilvayTogether they graduated from medical school. The husband began his residency training in Szeged, his hometown of Varconi. Andrea was already watching TV during her college years, and when TV2 noticed her, they moved to Budapest with Szilvay. Fame and fame came, and she appeared many times in Story MagazineThey’ve also shown pictures of shared vacations and the building of their homes, or just revealed in-depth details.

Andrea Varconi’s first husband, Attila Zilvay (Photo: Smagpictures)

The marriage (according to Farconi) deteriorated over time, but the divorce started from the husband only when TV fell in love in 2006. Gabor PushkurBachelor. Andrea Her husband was exhausted by the situationThe divorce process took a long time and drained a lot of the doctor, both physically and mentally. The fact that the Várkonyi-Bochkor duo appeared in the newspapers multiple times as a stellar couple also made it easier, and Andrea was already pregnant shortly after they met.

Gábor Bochkor and Andrea Váérkonyi in Spring 2007

Spring 2007, 60th birth anniversary of Lagos Poros. Pictured by Gábor Bochkor, Pregnant Andrea Várkonyi and Anikó Marsi (Photo:

What most people are looking for: Andrea Várkonyi – Gábor Bochkor

As we wrote above. Várkonyi and Bochkor met in 2006, and Andrea was still married at that time. Shortly after the relationship came to light, the couple announced that Andrea was expecting a child.

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“My ex-husband failed for many years. We wanted it, but he did not meet despite all the treatments. I received a sealed medical paper stating that I could not get pregnant automatically, only with IVF. Practically this is what our marriage went for. Then I met Gabor, who honestly told him that this is this.” The case, I’ve been on drugs for years, here’s the sealed paper, I would really like to throw away these medications, and I’m not going to work anyway. I haven’t sold sack cats. “ And I said What a woman! On his show, where it turns out Bochkor has no doubt about it, he just joked that his sperm will penetrate everything. Half a year later Andy was pregnantThen she was born My light.

Later, it was often speculated when the next baby would arrive, but rumors of newspaper news proved unfounded – just like the articles singing about the couple’s secret wedding. Gabor Bushkur and Andrea Varconi were not marriedMoreover, they considered maintaining their independence the strength of their relationship. They both had their own bank accounts, and their own earnings, and Andrea also kept her own apartment after they moved into the Pushkor house.

Gabor told Bochkur magazine after Andrea Varconi also spoke about their breakup

a story Gabor Bochkor told Andrea Varconi of their breakup

More than ten years later, in the fall of 2018, it was announced Part ways: The information they transmitted in a joint connection has been confirmed.

“We ourselves do not even know if everything is permanent or only for a temporary period. We are in a peaceful and friendly relationship with each other, which is especially important to us because of our daughter Nuri.” The two presenters said.

We have since known that the divorce is final, the relationship only exists for their daughter, and that it was Andrea who switched off the radio overnight: they went back to her old apartment with Nuri.

“It wasn’t easy, but it’s over, and now I want to look ahead in life. I’m not the chewable type in the past anyway, I don’t want to analyze what was going to happen if or what had to be done to be different. Over time. Every decision fell into place, put it on the right shelf and moved on. The past is the past. Said Andrea A. Hintsto. He added that he would not say anything bad about Gabor Bouchkour, because he is Nuri’s father and he does not want any discussion or tension.

Andrea Várkonyi gave an exclusive interview with Story on Christmas 2018

Andrea Varconi interviewed
a storyOn Christmas 2018

What most people are looking for is Andrea Varconi’s daughter

Pushkur NuriShe is on the verge of. It’s a conscious decision on Farconi’s part that she rarely plays with her, but on her social side, she sometimes likes to show off how amazing the girl she has become. Nuri – the beauty of Regularly praised by followers.

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What most people are looking for: Andrea Várkonyi – Tamás Zsidró

Andrea Várkonyi and Tamás Zsidró this past January They shared the same picture on their social site and they didn’t have to wait long for someone to notice. The Hints Then he asked them if they were really together.

“Yes, the news is right. We are really“ making friends ”, things are going well, and we hope they stay that way. Thank you so much for your interest in – The star hairdresser, who some reports said was already with TV for two months at the time.

Photo: Women's Secrets with Andar Farconi

Women’s secrets with Andar Farconi

This was Andrea Varconi’s first contact after her split from Gábor Bochkor, and Tamás Zsidró was previously with Kata Dobó, who allegedly knew about the new love before revealing it publicly.

Four months later Varkoni and Zsidro split up, Claiming that a separate quarantine cannot handle the new connection.

What most people are looking for: The Andrea Varconi Show

In the post-TV2 era, he also had his own show on Life TV, and Peter Haggai also extended his contract with him, It would have been broke down She is one of the housewives. His name was actually announced when everyone was older To his surprise, Farconi resigned.

Andrea Varconi could have been the presenter of Breaking

Andrea Farconi A.
broke down The presenter would have been (Photo:

“I canceled that because I now realize other offers that I think I definitely need to accept now, and I have to live with them. I find these more tempting, but I don’t want to talk more about what they are.” Betrayed him Hintsto.

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Then everyone thought either RTL Hungary or TV2 had made an offer for the broadcaster, but both channels denied that they had pitched to Várkonyi. The HVG DiscoverTo Varconi Andrea makes a living Then after Life TV.

“Andrea Varconi A. HVG She will continue to be involved in television, communications, content and program production. He said it became imperative for him to continue working in his own company with the employees he had been working with for years. Another owner of Whitedog Media is Judith Girgley, who graduated from TV2 Academy in 2010. ” – according to prof HVGArticles.

What most people are looking for: Andrea Várkonyi Lőrinc Mészáros

Lately, this is almost the hottest topic about Andrea Várkonyi, as evidenced by the illustrated google viewer.

People recently wondered about Andrea Varconi

People recently wondered about Andrea Varconi

Lots of searches on the relationship between Andrea Várkonyi and Lőrinc Mészáros have been launched since August 2020, and here are the following:

Many people are interested in the relationship between Andrea Varconi and Lorink Mizaros

According to Google, it has started a slew of searches for the two names since August

Lincrinc Mészáros divorced It was announced in early September in connection with MTI:

The businessman and his wife said, “Lőrinc Mészáros and Csilla Beatrix Mészárosné Kelemen begin to terminate their marriage by agreement in court.”

Andrea Várkonyi also worked with the wife of Lőrinc Mészáros for a short time: the president of the Life TV operator is Beatrix Mészárosné Kelemen, who has held a press conference several times since the renovation and has enthusiastically followed the fate of her television.

What most people are looking for: Andrea Várkonyi – Instagram, Facebook

We left this until the end. Yes, there are both, Here is Várkonyi Insté, And here’s a file Facebook page Available.

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