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Andretti is waiting for an answer until next month


Saturday, February 26, 2022, 2:29 pm


Andretti Autosport will arrive in 2024, but they have yet to receive a clear response from the International Automobile Association for Progress. Michael Andretti says they can wait a month.

There is more and more news that Andretti’s name will return to Formula 1 again. The acquisition of Alfa Romeo ended at the end of last year, but the deal ultimately failed. However, Mario Andretti recently announced on Twitter that his son, Michael, has applied to the FIA ​​and would like to join the field from 2024 onwards.

While their intentions seemed really serious, there were concerns from both the teams and the alliance, and the team leader spoke openly about their situation. If they crown their plans, they want to bring an American driver into F1 as well.

“We have to quickly decide to be there in 2024 because the clock is ticking. We need to know their answer in a month. Let’s take a look at the increase in views in Holland because they have a competitor. There is no such thing here. It would be great to have You have a good pilot with an excellent fan base like Colton Herta. To me, that’s not in question. I don’t know what the deterrent is, but I hope they find out. As we will, it will be top notch in every way. Andretti told Motorsports “We have big plans.” She’s going to be really good with F1.”

“My fans are great, they are with us to be competitive, not just to be able to speak for themselves, they are also part of F1. Athletes who already handed many sporting perks when they weren’t contenders are now, so they know how to do it. It will be. It is very unfortunate if you fail, it will be beneficial for everyone.”

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The specialist’s father, the 1978 world champion, spoke in a recent interview that the team had already entered into a formal agreement with Renault that the French would provide the resource. This was also confirmed by his son, but as he said there are other options.

“The first car had to be grown, somehow the way Haas does, and then we’re going to eventually build our race car. My dream is to do it here and make a real American car. We’ll still be in the UK, but the actual construction will be here. I’m really excited because I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I think this is going to be great for our brand and take us to another level. I’m a racing fan and always want us to be better.”

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