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Android 12 already supports PS5 DualSense controller

In addition, DualShock 4 has been given new features for remote gaming.

Sony has provided good news for those lucky enough to own both the still hard-to-reach PlayStation 5 and one of the few phones compatible with Android 12 (the Pixel series from the Pixel 3, the Samsung Galaxy S21 family).

playstation remote gamefar game) Official support for DualSense Controller for Android 12, so you can enjoy the benefits of a next-generation turbocharged controller with advanced haptic feedback when streaming PS5 games.

The Japanese reported this on their PlayStation Twitter account, where they also announced that the PS4 DualShock 4 touchpad, motion sensor, vibration and charging are also now compatible with Android 12.

Due to the limited number of Android 12 mobile phones, there is not much news at the moment, but such models could roll out in the coming months, making it a significant milestone. Meanwhile, Sony does not break the mercy of the Android camp, having been available on iOS devices (iOS 14.5 or later) since May. DualSense system-wide support.

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