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Android phones: Unlimited SIM and IMEI data are also transferred

The researchers looked at Android devices, Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei Android, as well as two ─ “Google version” ─ Android forx (LineageOS and /e/OS) as they promised. Accordingly, with the exception of e/OS, the devices under test transmit large amounts of data to operating system developers and third parties with pre-installed system applications (eg Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn or Facebook), even with minimal use of the National Cyber ​​Defense Institute he is in summary.

Android versions also collect a lot of particularly sensitive data: they almost instantly assign the new identifier to previously collected data based on the SIM card, IMEI number, location data, IP address or SSID, for example. This also makes his anonymity somewhat questionable. In addition, the collection of this data cannot be stopped, and deleting advertising identifiers is not a solution. If all this is not enough, many applications ( – Xiaomi, Heytap – Realme, Hicloud – Huawei) have been discovered where data encryption is weak and decipherable and can be exploited in hack attacks.

Privacy-conscious versions of Android like /e/OS are gaining ground as more and more users realize they have no way to disable unwanted features in factory-set Android and want more privacy on their devices. However, the majority of Android users are still trapped in a never-ending spiral of data collection, and here regulators and consumer organizations need to step in to put an end to it, he writes. Computer.

“While we appreciate the researchers’ work, we don’t agree that this behavior would be unexpected – that’s how modern smartphones work. As we explained in this Google Play Services Help Center article, this data is essential for device services like push notifications and software updates in an ecosystem For a variety of devices, for example, Google Play Services uses data from authenticated Android devices to support basic device functions, and limited basic information, such as device IMEI numbers, is required to reliably deliver important updates to Android devices and apps” — Google responded to the request.

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