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Andy Toth put such a normal picture of himself that people love him because of it

Andy Toth used this image to expose the bust of the civilian.

Andi Tóth recently announced on his social network that his new clip, The Danube Bank, is filming. The young singer also attached a photo to the post showing some of her group. Of course, this time he felt so hot and cold from his followers, many noticed that Andy looked like a doll.

Andi Tóth received hateful comments about Dancing with the Stars - now he's fixed his attackers hard!

Andi Tóth received hateful comments about Dancing with the Stars – now he’s fixed his attackers hard!

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You didn’t even have to wait long for the next Illustrator content. However, Andy nevertheless exaggerated the bourgeois crackling, having put on practically everything that people had been hanging out lately: stuffed chests, spread legs, an elongated tongue.

It didn’t take long for the first negative comments to appear during posting.

“I’m really looking forward to having a picture stretched without language, it’s over”

“He does not understand anything else, the language is extended, pervasive, and the woman is ordinary to her because she has a brutal voice … So it will soon expire … Romania should be ‘proud’.. .

It may come as a surprise, but most addressed Andy with words of praise.

You have beautiful breasts”

You are so beautiful Andy you look amazingly beautiful.”

I love women anymore, it’s good for you to dump everything, but I’m out of it…that’s how you live.

Andi Tóth's shocking confession: Andi Tóth's shocking confession:

Shocking confession by Andi Tóth: “I drink so as not to feel the many filters”

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Cover photo: daily newspaper

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