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Andy Toth went berserk in the hospital and had to be handcuffed

Andy Toth screamed in the hospital.

A few days ago, it was revealed that Andi Tóth met Peti Marics. The singers announced to the general public that they are a couple with a hot kiss on their social media pages.

Andy Toth showed her new boyfriend, the rumors were true

Andy Toth showed her new boyfriend, the rumors were true

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The young singer appears to be very happy with her new love, but now footage has emerged showing Andy lying in a hospital bed with tubes hanging from her nose. In another shot, we can already see that Andy’s hands are tied to the hospital bed, while her mouth is closed with duct tape.

In the third video, the nurses push Andy, strapped to the bed, into the hospital corridor, which she frantically tries to get rid of. In the fourth shot, we are again in a ward, where Andi is hooked up to a heart monitor. The video maker – who is believed to be her manager – approaches the singer and tells her about it

“Proof that you have a heart.”

Of course, fans don’t have to fear, Andy Toth has a canine problem, he’s just filming his new music video, which is hospitalized. Based on the recordings uploaded to your Insta Story, you can expect an explicit, expressive song and clip and an unknown after when it will be uploaded to the Internet. In any case, the video is sure to also contain elements of horror, because Andi acts on the set as if he is possessed by a demon.

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