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Andy’s new hair is lovable: Too hot with frizzy curls – the local star

Andy Fresh, meaning that the name Andi Villányi became known in the country in the 2000s. At that time, Fresh burst into the public consciousness, with Viki Gyulai, i.e. Fresh Wiki, as his partner.

You may have a very difficult period behind you, in 2021 you had to fight a serious disease, breast cancer.

Andy’s hair is fresh

The singer managed to maintain her strength even in the worst times, her husband supported her in everything, and now she is healthy again.

One of her biggest wishes was to be able to leave the wig that became necessary due to the treatment as soon as possible, By 2022, his wish has come true.

The star went on vacation in June, and in Tiszafüred he didn’t mess around much with his hairdo. As she showed it to her followers, in the photo she can be seen with curly angelic locks, which according to commentators look very good on her, she is hot with curls.

“You are an angelic woman!”

“My God! I love your curly hair!”

“After chemotherapy, my curly hair was growing back. It was a hot summer, and the heat wave was going on, so my head was sweating six times a day, like someone who washes their hair,” fans wrote to him.

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Cover photo: Palikék Világa by Manna

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