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Anikó Ungár was not afraid of change at the age of 72

When was the last time she cut her hairI was so sorry Anikó Ungár. At the age of 14, she was more elegant, happy with the change, but then she did not like the new hairstyle herself.

Anikó Ungár hasn’t changed her appearance in nearly six decades (Image: smagpictures)

“I’ve had long hair for 58 years, my face framing hair, I couldn’t even imagine changing it at all. I’ve often watched the number of actresses who are so lonely because the role demands it. I’ve always winked in my mind, but that’s fine when you need to take these The move for a reason. I thought my role here was to choose this myself. Apart from all the jokes, I’m very sensitive to style, all kinds of styles, the style of the environment around me, my home and of course the style of myself. I’m a useless woman, like any other woman generic, but so intense that I totally feel like something isn’t right for me. I was ready for it at a very early age when I saw older colleagues stuck inside a certain style that was so good for them when they were 20 and thought that if they wore it they’d stay there “.

Aniko has always hoped that she would notice the moment when it was time for a change so that she wouldn’t end up with a caricature of herself.

Anikó Ungár's husband really likes the short hair

Anikó Ungár’s husband really likes the short hair

“It’s 20-30-40 when you’ve been the same for a long time, it changes a little bit, then comes sixty years later when you’re still fine, but about seventy I’m really different on the inside. (…) Hair The short testifies to a period that I dared to change.”

She is not used to her thinking yet and is enjoying the change that a hairstyle change has brought into her life. Anikó’s husband really loves her, she doesn’t even want her to grow up again. Only his son Gabor Baronets said: “Not a bad mother, not a bad mother.”

Change hairstyle in star world:

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