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Another airline lifted the old taboo

The rule for most airlines around the world is that flight attendants should not have their tattoos visible. However, not everyone agrees.

British Virgin Atlantic They chose to remove this restriction because, as they wrote in their statement, “many people with tattoos pass We don’t want to deprive employees who have to wear a uniform or who deal with customers of this opportunity either.”

“and what” Communication continues “In line with our commitment to accepting individuality and supporting us, we are relaxing our tattoo restrictions for all of our employees.”

On May 31, Traveler’s Day, airline employees also showed off their tattoos on Twitter.

By the way, tattoos were actually licensed by United Airlines last year,

As well as makeup and nail polish, regardless of gender.

You know the flight attendants secret language Do you use them? And you know this why it does not matterWhat clothes do you carry on the plane?

(source: USA TODAYPictures: Virgin Atlantic / FacebookWikimedia Commons)

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