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Another award went to Catalin Carrico

In her speech, Catalin Carrico emphasized that it is a great honor for her to receive this award after many of her famous predecessors.

The biochemist noted that although he had been living abroad for several decades, he was always Hungarian with his family, and he also raised his children in the Hungarian language, so they were also happy to come here. He studied basic sciences in Hungary, where he began to apply his knowledge and research on viruses. The researcher recalls that life in the United States was not always easy either, as he chose a field of science that not many believed in.

The respected biochemist said he had been working with his team in Germany for eight years to continue their experiments in researching other types of mRNA applications, such as treating cancer or heart failure.

The winner was praised by Istvan Bajcay, Member of Parliament (Fides). Katalin Karikó started dealing with viruses at the Szeged Biological Research Center, and after terminating her job in 1985, she decided to pursue her career abroad. Research for mRNA began at the University of Pennsylvania, which for the first time the profession did not want to be accepted. However, he succeeded and the university patented a method called the Karikó-Weissmann technique that is the basis for developing many coronavirus vaccines, Bagcay recalls.

The researcher was awarded a prize “for seeing what others had not seen and thinking about what no one had thought. There is no doubt that Catalin Carrico is among the greatest of Hungarian sciences and deserves the greatest recognition of world science,” MTI Bajkay said.

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