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Another Big Throw From Amazon: Mass Effect Series Coming

This isn’t the first time a video game has been tackled, but until now we didn’t know who the series would go to. Now, however, it looks like we’ll be able to see a Mass Effect adaptation on Amazon.

However, Amazon will continue to develop mods based on science fiction and large-scale fantasy. Most recently, a 14-volume book series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson wheel of time The studio came up with the processing, and the premiere was a huge success. “We just learned about it at the time wheel of time It was the premiere of the most-watched series of the year and one of the TOP5 series ever on Prime Video” final date-Nak. “You will see that we will continue to invest in various imaginative creations, we have a dedicated studio team working tirelessly with our creative partners on these ideas and plans,” he added. In addition, the Lord of the rings-Series It will also arrive on Amazon in 2022. Based on that, it looks very similar to it

The studio wants to base its success largely on high-budget, fantasy and sci-fi adaptations with a strong past.

And if it continues wheel of timeYou will likely have your accounts on hand.

a final date According to the information mass effect-The series is still in the negotiation stage, so we can expect it to arrive after 2022. The Deadline article doesn’t detail what we can expect from the series, as it is still in its infancy. So the guess remains: one mass effect-Will the series ever tell the story of the games again, or will we get a whole new story within the universe? Are you going to include well-known characters from the games, or a new cast? We’ll see – I hope it won’t be for long.

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