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Another fight between Prince William and Prince Harry

On Monday evening, the BBC unveiled a new documentary film focusing on Prince William and Prince Harry He had an angry relationship. Although neither William nor his father, Prince Charles, was aware of the contents of the film, nor made a statement, at the end of the show they read a statement agreed upon by the Queen and the two heirs to the throne, in which Crowns said: A free, responsible and open press is vital to democracy. However, it is disappointing that the media is trying to sell exaggerated and baseless allegations from an unnamed source, including the BBC.”

Prince William last met his brother in July this year (Image: Provimedia)

The afterlife of a 27-year-old interviewer

Perhaps more interesting than the content of the film is when and how the relationship between the BBC and the royal family deteriorated. But we don’t have to go far for an answer, as the channel only had to apologize a few months ago because 27 years ago Martin Bashir convinced the late Princess Diana to give an interview on Jigsaw with deceptive lies. For example, Al Bashir falsified bank statements to make it appear as if crew members were paid to spy on Diana, but he also lured the paranoid princess against the royal family with additional bogus evidence. When the BBC apologized this summer and Al-Bashir’s lottery was revealed, Prince William was the one who opposed the BBC. “This interview, or rather this lie, evoked the fear, paranoia, and isolation of my mother that had been overshadowed by years past. Then my mother would have found out that she had been deceived. In this way, it was not only the fraudulent reporter who had let her down, but the BBC leaders as well. They are the ones who turned a blind eye instead of asking difficult questions themselves.Said Filmus, who now appears not to be positive about the channel…

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secret alliance

The new documentary paints a certain unity between the media and the royal family (or, as many would say, company) between. “William and his younger brother are part of this unspoken covenant, which is considered a bargain by Windsor only. The bottom line is that the royals live in mansions and their lives are financed by the taxpayers, in exchange for giving the public access, including photographs, to the A certain history of their lives. These stories are presented, of course, in a suitable color, which from time to time helps to renew the emotional bond between people and members of the royal family. ” Claimed at the start of the show by host Amol Rajan.

Prince William and Prince Harry talking

Who is leaking information about whom? (Photo: Profimedia)

The authors then thought it was a reliable source to speak to journalist Omid Scobie who He wrote a book about Harry and Meghan’s “salvation.”. Omido has been appointed to be an independent and impartial source while maintaining a personal relationship with Meghan Markle. The man says that someone in the palace feels like an ex-actress You should put it in place.In order to integrate into the family. “That’s why I think everything that was leaked negative happened to Meghan as a form of punishment for not lining up. It’s been rumored for some time that the press has heard the worst and most negative stories about Prince Harry and his wife from other members of the royal family or from royal aides and courtiers. My personal research. confirms it.”Omid the accused. However, he has not been able to substantiate any of his claims, as well as his relationships, or his sources, other than that he himself has a wonderful relationship with the Sussex couple.

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The BBC documentary was so unparalleled that no one spoke ‘from the other side’ on the matter. Anna Buster, who wrote the book, spoke About the relationship between Princess Diana and James HewittYou know, the red-haired man who is still considered by many to be the real father of Prince Harry. According to Buster, those who anonymously leaked your stories to the media about the royal family are people who worked at the palace either now or in the past. One of my sources was a courtier who worked at Buckingham Palace and then quit. Talk to me about the details.”Buster insisted.

The channel also revealed Meghan Markle as a lawyer for Jenny Afia, who said any negative stories that came to light about American women in 2018 were a lie. “The claim that any employee of the Palace was unable to work for the Duchess of Sussex is simply not true, as is the assertion that he would have been very onerous and capable, That is why everyone around him resigned. this is not true.” It should be noted that the employees have already resigned, but Afia refuted the reason for the resignations – or just the appointments.

Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle

Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle (Image: Provimedia)

So the BBC produced a documentary about the royal family in which most journalists said they knew what they knew from their anonymous informants. certificate? plains. Names? Former employees? Nowhere? Another great opportunity is for Harry sympathizers Meghan and Vilmus Catalin to sympathize with each other. This is also a problem in our life…

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