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Another momentum has come with the launch in the UK

Opening in the UK has reached another momentum! Today, all the shops can be reopened, and even the terraces of the restaurants are waiting for guests. The pubs did not strike midnight on the clock, they opened immediately, and many on the street celebrated the resurrection. In the UK, more than 32 million people have already been vaccinated and the epidemiological indicators due to the vaccine are favorable. If all goes well in a month, they could make the rules even easier, it was revealed in the M1 newsletter.

Pubs in the UK opened at zero on Monday. In many places, a truly folk festival was created after restaurants closed for several months. The beer was filtered and despite the cold, the garden rooms were packed. According to the mitigation, alcoholic beverages are not yet available indoors, but they can already be served outside.

During the day, the pubs and terraces of the pubs were constantly packed. In the evening, most seats can be reached only by booking a table.

Crowds flooded the shopping streets of the British capital. Everyone was burning with fever,

On the first day of the launch they wanted to buy everything that was not possible in recent times. Lines snuck in front of a large store.

There were places where customers hit stores, and a race ran through the streets to see who would get there first. In many places, due to the high noise, the number of people entering the shops had to be limited.

Gyms are also open in the morning and are regularly disinfected as a precaution. There were also those who took the opportunity early in the morning and moved on. This is no different in pools. Many decided to be one of the first to splash.

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They were even waiting on the street in London to climb the hairdresser. The British have not been able to go to beauty salons since the beginning of January with the start of full closure. That has now changed.

I do not remember the last time hairdressers worked so hard.

Visitors counted at the entrance to the London Zoo in the morning. Many families with small children have already gone there to open, and have not had the opportunity to do so for months.

It is possible to travel domestically from Monday, but for now it is only possible to book accommodation in apartment houses and only those who live in one house can be together.

Fifteen people can attend weddings and up to thirty at funerals. This control affects II. Queen Elizabeth The funeral of her late husband Prince Philip last FridayIt is scheduled for Saturday.

To date, 32 million people in the UK have received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine.

The second is nearly seven and a half million. Epidemiological data are constantly evolving. Experts say this is now a clear indication of the effects of the vaccine campaign.

A total of seven people across the country died of the epidemic on Sunday; This is the lowest daily mortality rate since mid-September. The British government expects to ease further in mid-May and remove all precautionary measures by June 21.