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Another, more aggressive version of HIV has been discovered

A hitherto unknown and most contagious type of AIDS syndrome has been discovered in the Netherlands, writes MTI. Chris Wymantfaculty member and fellows at the University of Oxford in their studies The so-called VB variant of HIV-1 is reported to have a viral load of 3.5-5.5 times, is more susceptible to infection and likely to cause greater damage to the immune system.

However, the researchers said, those undergoing treatment were not at greater risk: After starting treatment, patients with WC had a similar course of the disease as the others.

However, experts emphasized that in view of the findings, it is extremely important that people at risk of contracting HIV are regularly tested, which allows them to diagnose the infection in time and start treatment. “It reduces the time during which HIV can damage the immune system and health,” he said. Christoph Frasera member of the team.

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The World Cup was discovered during a long observational project called the Beehive when European and Ugandan samples were collected and analyzed. The variant then appeared in 17 samples, 15 of which were from the Netherlands. After that, another sample of thousands of patients from the Netherlands was examined, and 92 new infections were also found in the World Cup.

The variant is believed to have spread across the country in the 1980s and 1990s, according to the researchers, then slowed again after 2010.

Maximilian MonschoffThe study is another piece of the puzzle that will help them understand the evolution of HIV, said a virologist at Lagos Mixa University in Munich.

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The researcher believes that the alternative will not give a new impetus to the spread of the virus. “Although the effects are statistically significant, they are episodic in the larger epidemiological context,” Munshoff said. This is also evidenced by the fact that the variable has been circulating for decades without suppressing other variables. The expert added that treatment and a healthy lifestyle for the treated patients are more important than viral factors anyway.